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Are you dealing with numbers? Do you need to calculate, analyze and make informed financial decisions? Then, you need us. Numbers 2.0 can help you when dealing with any kind of numbers and financial dilemmas. We believe the right advice can save you time and money. Your finances matter! Whether you already know what advice you need or are simply exploring your options, with us, you can choose the level of support that’s right for you. Need a little advice? Or a lot? Part-time or full-time? In-house or outsourced? You choose, and you have control. Plus, we don’t require space in your office, year-end bonuses or insurance. We are easy to communicate and we speak your language. We have a background that enables us to discuss complex strategies with experienced investors. However, our specialty is having clear conversations with non-financial clients and discussing finances in simple terms. We don’t overestimate or underestimate, we create realistic expectations for your businesses based on our advantage of understanding the local market. We provide smart, timely and accurate solutions that lead to superior results.


Numbers 2.0 Is Your Advisor

Full Cycle Accounting

It’s commonly believed that accounting must be done inside of the business, but you should ask yourself, whether you have the necessary experience and enough resources to do this job. We can prepare financial statements, tax reports, and manage your business financials. With us, you will save money and time by avoiding errors in tax and financial reporting. You can outsource your accounting or use our service only once, e.g. if you are in need of tax due diligence or trying to claim value-added tax refunds.


No one likes to do their own bookkeeping. Yet it needs to be done. Trust your small business accounting to a personal business accountant. This will allow you to leverage your time toward the aspects of your business that you enjoy. Focus on business expansion, not your bookkeeping—leave that with us. We are offering day-to-day bookkeeping - we can organize, track, record and process all of your transactions.

Business modeling

Are you considering new investment opportunities? Are you trying to choose the best among existing strategic options? Are you interested in re-evaluation of existing plans? Then you need business modelling. Business modelling lies at the heart of the decision making process, whether it is evaluating strategic options, new investments or existing operations. We create value for our clients by developing modelling solutions to help make confident, value-enhancing decisions

Managerial Accounting

Business owners and managers are faced with countless decisions every business day. Management accounting uses information from your operations to produce reports that provide ongoing insight into business performance. We will identify, measure, analyze, interpret and communicate information for the pursuit of your organization's goals. We will help your busy managers make informed financial decisions - current or future.

Financial Analyzes

Our financial analysis services provide information regarding the profitability, efficiency, liquidity and stability of your company. This will help you make decisions regarding: investing or lending capital; negotiate for a bank loan; continue or discontinue your main operation or part of your business; select on various alternatives in the structure of the business.

Overall Business Performance Measurement

We can track and assess the current status of your business or a project to check if something has gone wrong and whether the business has achieved its goal. This information will derive from various business performance measures, allowing you to manage your performance proactively. It can give you a clear understanding of what success looks like and what the management should prioritize.

How Clients Define Us

NP FINANCIALS is characterised by:


Our team members have succeeded in providing service to people from different cultural background across various industries


You are in control - we provide exactly the level of support you need full-time or part-time, in-house or outsourced


Our understanding of the local market can help you make informed financial choices

Easy to communicate

We speak your language - you don’t need background in finances to communicate with us

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